Math 23, Fall, 1997

Math 23, Fall, 1997

Math 23, Calculus and Analytic Geometry III, will cover the chapters 11 - 14 of Calculus, Early Transcendentals, third edition, by James Stewart. The Maple supplement for Math 21, Discovering Calculus with Maple , by Harris and Lopez, might be useful for those having difficulty using Maple.

A note about file formats

Most lecture notes and exams now will be directly readable by most modern Web browsers, such as Netscape-3.0. Some older browsers may have trouble with the symbol fonts, however. There is an alternate version of most files, in postscript format, which provides better-quality print than the browsers. You can download these files by (in netscape) pressing Shift as you click on the link.

Some older notes and exams are not yet available in HTML format. This may be fixed as the semester progresses. Maple assignments are provides as maple worksheet files (release 4 for most of them, with release 3 files provided as needed). You can configure your browser to automatically load the files into Maple as you download them, but it is usually safer to download them to a file first, and load them into Maple separately. If you are on a public LAN, be sure to save the file to a floppy disk so you can keep it.

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Solutions for the '97 review sheet for the final exam are now available.

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