Mary Eliza Tucker Lambert


Life is full of mirth and pleasure,
But all joy is on the wing-
Base alloy corrodes each treasure,
And enjoyment hides a sting.
Bliss is like a rainbow, cheating,
Beautiful and bright, but fleeting.
True, there's real bliss in the greeting
Of each loving, kindred heart;
But a sadness dims our meeting,
For we know we soon must part-
Thus ties of Love, and friendship true,
Are severed by the sad adieu.
Adieu, and from the mother's eyes
Streams her deep love, in tears.
Adieu, adieu, my child, she cries,
Adieu, perchance for years.
And of our parting, keep this token,
My bitter tears-my heart is broken.
And that mother, in her anguish,
Prays to God that she may die-
Better thus, than still to languish,
Crying ever, this sad cry:
Give me back my child, my treasure,
Ye have o'erflown my bitter measure.
Alas! the hand of reckless fate,
As on time's wings, she flies;
Severs, with most remorseless hate,
The tenderest, holiest ties.
E'en sacred bonds of heaven's making,
Fate laughs to scorn, and smiles in breaking.
Thus all earthly friendships sever-
Such is Heaven's stern decree.
But God's loved ones meet, to never
Part again in land of free,-
There, there above the sky's deep blue,
Hearts are not broken by adieu.