Boston Female Anti-Slavery Society Constitution (1835)

Believing slavery to be a direct violation of the law of God, and productive
of a vast amount of misery and crime; and convinced that its abolition can only
be effected by an acknowledgement of the justice and necessity of immediate
emancipation,--we hearby agree to form ourselves into a Society to aid and
assist in this righteous cause as far as lies within our power.

Article 1st. This Society shall be called the Boston Female Anti Slavery Society.

Art. 2d. Any lady may become a member of this Society, by subscribing to the
sentiments contained in the preamble, and paying fifty cents annually. Any lady by
paying five dollars at entrance will be considered a life member.

Art. 3d. Its funds shall be appropriated to the dissemination of TRUTH on the subject
of slavery, and the improvement of the moral and intellectual character of the
colored population. The opinions of the members, as to the best means of effecting
purposes will be freely given at the meetings. Questions relative to the business of
the Society may be decided by a vote of two thirds of the members present, or such
decisions may be transferred by them to the Board of Officers.

Art. 4th. The government of this Society, shall be vested in a Board of Officers,
consisting of a President, whose duty it is to preside at all meetings of the
Society. A Vice President, to supply the place of the former, in case of absence. A
Corresponding Secretary, who shall keep all communications addressed to the Society,
and manage all the correspondence with any other bodies or individuals, according to
the direction of the Society, or officers. A Recording Secretary, who is to keep a
record of transactions, and give notice of the time and place for all meetings of the
Society. A Treasurer, authorized to receive subscriptions, donations, &c., and to
pay the bills of the Society; and five Counsellors, to advice and assist the other
officers. In case of the absence of both President and Vice President, a presiding
officer may be chosen by vote. Two thirds of the officers shall constitute a quorum.

Art. 5th. An annual meeting of the Society shall be held on the second Wednesday in
October, at which meeting the reports of the Secretaries and Treasurer shall be
read, and officers chosen for the ensuing year.

Art. 6th. Quarterly meetings of the Society shall be held on the second Wednesdays of
January, April, July and October, at which time the Secretary shall report the
proceedings of the Society, and such other business shall be transacted as
circumstances may render necessary. If for any unforeseen reasons, other meetings
become advisable, the President is authorized to summon the other officers, and they
may give notice to the members of the Society.

Art. 7th. If any vacancies occur in the Board, during the intervals of the regular
meetings, the Board shall have power to fill such vacancies, pro tem.

Art. 8th. Each member is entitled to a copy of every publication issued by the

Art. 9th. Any of the above articles may be amended, or new ones introduced, by a vote
of two-thirds of the members present.

Boston, May, 1835.