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Even though Italy is a rich and developed nation with a mature infrastructure for dealing with natural disasters like the recent earthquake, these people will now live in tents and mobile-homes for nearly a decade.  There are many aid workers on the ground right now that can use help and I am reaching out to you to see if you would like to help me in funneling some aid to where it is needed most.

In 1997 I had the “grace” to spend several months helping in the reconstruction following the Assisi earthquake (a similar magnitude event), which ignited in me the incredible adventure that changed completely my way of living that lasted for several years, and is still alive in me today. Is very difficult for me in these days to watch the places where I worked for years, trying to guess which town, or village or street is the one that I see in the news… and that I can now hardly recognize. It feel a little like being in a cage to be thousands of miles away from home and not being able to do anything to help. 

Twelve years ago after the Assisi earthquake, we found that one of the hardest thing to do was to convince farmers to prepare the land for a new season, when the common feeling wasn’t “homeless” but “hopeless”.  Here below I provide a link of the “Caritas Italiana”, an Catholic association that works without regards for race, nation or belief,  with and for the people, helping them non only in reconstruction of the houses, but also in the reconstruction of the hope for their lives. It comes by my personal experience that not a single dime of money donated to this organization will be lost or wasted. The aid workers donate their time and support themselves with their own money. Every monetary donation is used to reach the needy.  In addition to Caritas Italiana, there are many other aid organizations that are in a position to accept donations:

Organization: Caritas Italiana (http://www.caritas.org/)

·          Credit cards:

·          Money transfer:
Bank:               UNICREDIT BANCA DI ROMA S.P.A.
Bank account:   IT19 W030 6905 0921 0000 0000 012

BIC:                 BROMITR1707 – For International transaction
Specify:            Terremoto Abruzzo (that means Abruzzo eathquake, so the organization can recognize the purpose of the donation).

Organization: Protezione civile (http://www.protezionecivile.it/index.php)

 ·          Money transfer:
Bank:               UNICREDIT BANCA DI ROMA - Agency Roma Cavour B
Bank account:   IT72U0300205207000401124180
Swift code        BROMITR1708
ENTERED:      Protezione Civile Nazionale - Emergenza Terremoto L'Aquila

See: http://www.protezionecivile.it/cms/view.php?cms_pk=15409&dir_pk=52

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