Field camp needs responsible student drivers. Ideally, everyone pitches in. We ask that you consider submitting the following documentation so that 

we have a large pool of drivers to share the responsibility.
Some students enjoy driving more than others.  These students should mark driving as their top priority on the registration form. 


If you have a good driving record, and are going to drive for the camp, all approved drivers
are required to agree to the following camp rules:

(1) you must be available as the designated driver for at least one town night,    you must be respectful of others

(2) you must share in driving for the entire camp - some exceptions handled on a case by case basis.

So, to get the process started in identifying drivers, please print out this form and and fill it in. 

, make a high resolution photocopy of your drivers license.


LAST, snail-mail or email your driver's license and the filled-out form to:


Field Camp Director

c/o Nancy Roman  mailto:nr00@lehigh.edu

Academic Coordinator

Dept. of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Lehigh University

1 West Packer Ave

Bethlehem, PA  18015 

Scholarships and Financial Aid


Applicants are encouraged to explore financial aid and scholarship opportunities with their own institution. Many schools offer 

various level of aid to help students in participating in summer field camp.

Lehigh field camp offers a limited number of scholarship to outstanding applicants thanks to the generosity of Alumni through 

the Vic Johnson Fund. Both Lehigh and outside students can apply.


The Vic Johnson Scholarship - application form and instructions are here:
Vic Johnson Form

Other opportunities for scholarship, from external sources, can be found here: 

(1) NAGT http://nagt.org/nagt/programs/field_scholarships.html

     *note: deadline for application is typically in mid-February.


(2) For women only: Association for Women Geoscientists
     Maria Luisa Crawford Field Camp Scholarship

     http://awg.org/awards (see flyer here)


     NEW!: AWG Brunton Award (Deadline is typically in mid-November).


(3) ExxonMobil Field Camp Scholarships. these become available typically in early February


      application deadline is typically in mid-April.