The American Astronomical Society
Astronomical Applications page of the US Naval Observatory -- great page for sun and moon rise and set times and for other astronomical almanac information
The Astronomy Café -- contains links to many astronomical resource sites and answers to thousands of questions about astronomy and space asked by web surfers are nicely categorized
CDS Data System -- huge resource site, astronomical catalogs galore
e-Prints in Astronomy & Physics -- Automated e-print archives in physics, mathematics, etc.; normally requires postscript printer to print articles or ghostscript to read them on-line.
Galaxy Einet Information -- Gateway to information in many areas of human endeavor
The Hawaiian Astronomical Society -- many fine links including "Views of the Solar System"
The International Astronomical Union
Jet Propulsion Laboratory -- a wealth of information about unmanned planetary missions and astronomy and space in general; extrasolar planet and other links; asteroids and comet impact hazards are nicely covered
The Nine Planets -- a wealth of information about the planets and their satellites with photographs
Sky and Telescope -- magazine's webpage excellent for amateur astronomers and for anyone interested in the latest discoveries in astronomy
Small Bodies Node covers comets and asteroids
Space Telescope Science Institute -- complete information about the Hubble Space Telescope and the Space Telescope Science Institute -- an informative and useful site for anyone interested or working in astronomy
Students for the Exploration and Development of Space -- excellent source of information about space and astronomy
more to come
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