Recent Publications

(Updated 30 May 2014)

2014, Williamson, C.E., J.A. Brentrup, J.  Zhang, W.H. Renwick, B.R. Hargreaves, L.B. Knoll, E.P. Overholt, K.C. Rose, Lakes as sensors in the landscape: Optical sentinels of climate change.  Limnol. Oceanogr. (in press).

2014, Marra, J.F.,
VP.Lance, R.D.Vaillancourt, B.R.Hargreaves. “Resolving the ocean's euphotic zone”, Deep-Sea Research I, 83:45-50.

2012, Klug, J.L., D.C. Richardson, H.A. Ewing, B.R. Hargreaves, N.R. Samal, D. Vachon, D.C. Pierson, A.M. Lindsey, D.M. O’Donnell, S.W. Effler, K.C. Weathers. “Ecosystem Effects of a Tropical Cyclone on a Network of Lakes in Northeastern North America”, Environ. Sci. Technol. 46(21): 11693-11701 (DOI: 10.1021/es302063v, link).

2012, Wolyniak DiCesare, E.A., B. R. Hargreaves, K. L. Jellison.  “Biofilms reduce solar disinfection of Cryptosporidium parvum oocytes”, Applied and Environmental Microbiology 78: 4522-4525.

2012, Wolyniak DiCesare, E.A., B. R. Hargreaves, K. L. Jellison.  Biofilm roughness determines Cryptosporidium parvum retention in environmental biofilms”, Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 78: 4187-4193

2011, Lance, V. P., P. G. Strutton, R. D. Vaillancourt, B. R. Hargreaves, J.-Z. Zhang, and J. Marra, Primary productivity, new productivity and carbon export during two Southern Ocean Gas Exchange (SO GasEx) tracer experiments, J. Geophys. Res., 117 C00F14, doi:10.1029/2011JC007687. (link).

2011, Hamme, R. C., N. Cassar, V. P. Lance, R. D. Vaillancourt, M. L. Bender, P. G. Strutton, T. S. Moore, M. D. DeGrandpre, C. L. Sabine, D. T. Ho, and B. R. Hargreaves, Dissolved O2/Ar and other methods reveal rapid changes in productivity during a Lagrangian experiment in the Southern Ocean (2012), J. Geophys. Res., 117, C00F12, doi:10.1029/2011JC007046. (link)

2011, Ho, D. T., C. L. Sabine, D. Hebert, D. S. Ullman, R. Wanninkhof, R. C. Hamme, P. G. Strutton, B. Hales, J. B. Edson, and B. R. Hargreaves (2011), Southern Ocean Gas Exchange Experiment: Setting the Stage, J. Geophys. Res., 116, C00F08, doi:10.1029/2010JC006852. (link).

2011,  Lee, Z., V. P. Lance, S. Shang, R. Vaillancourt, S. Freeman, B. Lubac, B. R. Hargreaves, C. D. Castillo, R. Miller, M. Twardowski, and G. Wei (2011), An assessment of optical properties and primary production derived from remote sensing in the Southern Ocean (SO GasEx), J. Geophys. Res., 116, C00F03, doi:10.1029/2010JC006747. (link)

2010 Wolyniak, E.A., B.R. Hargreaves, K.L. Jellison.  Seasonal Retention and Release of Cryptosporidium parvum Oocysts by Environmental Biofilms in the Laboratory, Appl. Environ. Microbiol, Feb 2010, 76(4):1021-1027.

2009 Hargreaves, B.R., T. P. McWilliams.  Polynomial Trendline Function Flaws in Microsoft Excel, Comp. Stat. and Data Analysis, 54: 1190-1196 (

2009 Wolyniak, E.A., B.R. Hargreaves, K.L. Jellison.  Retention and Release of Cryptosporidium parvum Oocysts by Experimental Biofilms Composed of a Natural Stream Microbial Community, Appl. Environ. Microbiol., July 2009, 75(13): 4624–4626.

2007 Hargreaves, B.R., S. F. Girdner, M. W. Buktenica, R.W.Collier, E. Urbach, G. L. Larson, Ultraviolet Radiation and Bio-optics in Crater Lake, Oregon.  Hydrobiologia 574:107-140 (preprint PDF; publisher link to PDF).

2007 Larson, G.L., R.L. Hoffman, B.R. Hargreaves, R.W. Collier, Predicting Secchi disk depth from average beam attenuation in a deep, ultra-clear lake.  Hydrobiologia 574:141–148 (publisher link to PDF).

2007 Belmont, P., B.R. Hargreaves, D.P. Morris, C.E. Williamson, Estimating Attenuation of Ultraviolet Radiation in Streams: Field and Laboratory Methods. Photochemistry and Photobiology, 2007, 83: 1–9. (PDF)


2006 Cooke, S. L., C. E. Williamson, B. R. Hargreaves, D. P. Morris. Beneficial and detrimental interactive effects of dissolved organic matter and ultraviolet radiation on zooplankton in a transparent lake, Hydrobiologia 568:15-28.

2006  Galster, J.C., F.J. Pazzaglia, B.R. Hargreaves, D.P. Morris, S.C. Peters, R.N. Weisman.  Effects of urbanization on watershed hydrology:  The scaling of discharge with drainage area, Geology 34 ( 9): 713–716.

2005 Leech, D.M., C.E. Williamson, R.E. Moeller, B.R. Hargreaves, 2005.  Effects of ultraviolet radiation on the seasonal vertical distribution of zooplankton:  a database analysis, Archiv für Hydrobiologie 162 (4) 445-464.

2003 Hargreaves, B.R.  Water Column Optics and Penetration of UVR, pp.59-105  IN:  UV Effects in Aquatic Organisms and Ecosystems, E.W. Helbling & H. E. Zagarese (eds), Comprehensive Series in Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences,  Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge, UK, 575 p. [pdf]

2003 Hargreaves, B.R., J.H. Morrow, G.L. Larson, S.F. Girdner, R.W. Collier, Ultraviolet measurements in Crater Lake, Oregon (USA) yield new estimates of UV attenuation and absorption by pure water.  ASLO Aquatic Sciences Meeting, February 2003.

2003 Moeller, R.E., B.R. Hargreaves, D.P. Morris, C.E.Williamson, Seasonal, year-to-year and long term controls of UV attenuation in two mid-latitude lakes of contrasting wetland drainage and dissolved organic carbon content.  ASLO Aquatic Sciences Meeting, February 2003.

2003 Hargreaves, B.R., E. Boss, S.F. Girdner, M. Buktenica, R.W. Collier, E. Urbach, G. Larson, Ultraviolet and Visible Solar Radiation in Crater Lake Oregon, Workshop title: “The vertical organization of energy, carbon, and nutrient cycles in Crater Lake”, 16-18 February, Corvallis, OR.

2002 Hargreaves, B.R., Morris, D.P., Zagarese, H.E., Ferraro, M., Añon Suarez, D., Soto.  D.  UV Attenuation & CDOM properties of mid to high latitude southern hemisphere lakes, ASLO June 2002 meeting, Victoria, B.C.

2002 Osburn, C., D.P. Morris, B.R. Hargreaves, R.B. Coffin, and T.J. Boyd.  Photochemical reactivity of chromophoric dissolved organic matter in lakes and the coastal Atlantic Ocean. American Society of Photobiology meeting, July 2002.

2001 Zagarese, H., D. Añón Suárez, V. Rocco, P. Pérez, M. Ferraro, D. Soto, P. de Los Ríos, J. Jaramillo, Arismendi, M. Ruiz, B. Hargreaves, D. Morris, UV attenuation and photolability of dissolved organic matter in temperate lakes of South America, IAI Meeting, Brazil, November, 2001.

2001 Williamson, C.E., Neale, P.J., Grad, G., De Lange, H.J., and Hargreaves, B.R. Beneficial and detrimental effects of UV on aquatic organisms: implications of spectral variation. Ecological Applications 11(6):1843-1857.

2001 Osburn, C.L., H.E. Zagarese, D.P. Morris, B.R. Hargreaves, W.E. Cravero. Calculations of spectral weighting functions for the solar photobleaching of chromophoric dissolved organic matter in temperate lakes.  Limnol. Oceanogr.46(6):1455-1467.

2001 Williamson, C.E. O.G. Olson, S.E. Lott, N.D. Walker, D.R. Engstrom, B.R. Hargreaves,.  Ultraviolet radiation and zooplankton community structure following deglaciation in Glacier Bay, Alaska.  Ecology 82(6):1748-1760.

2001, Hargreaves, B.R., C.L. Osburn, D.P. Morris, R.E. Moeller. Spectral slope response to solar and biotic processes: Comparison of model with estimates from CDOM absorption and UV attenuation measurements. Aquatic Sciences Meeting of ASLO, Albuquerque NM, 2/01 (abstract).

2001,Osburn, C.L., D.P. Morris, B.R. Hargreaves, H.E. Zagarese.  Modeling the contribution of UV radiation to the photobleaching of CDOM in temperate lakes from North and South America.  Aquatic Sciences Meeting of ASLO, Albuquerque NM, 2/01 (abstract).

2001, Williamson, C.E., P.J. Neale, G. Grad, H. J. De Lange, B. R. Hargreaves. Beneficial and detrimental effects of UV radiation: implications of  variation in the spectral composition of environmental radiation for aquatic organisms. Aquatic Sciences Meeting of ASLO, Albuquerque NM, 2/01 (abstract).

2000, Osburn, C.L., D.P. Morris, B.R. Hargreaves. Spectral dependence of photobleaching of CDOM in lake ecosystems.   Pacifichem 2000 Meeting of the International Chemical Congress of Pacific Basin Societies, Hawaii, 12/00 (abstract).

2000, Hargreaves, B.R., D.P. Morris, R.E. Moeller, C.E.Williamson.  Seasonal Variation of Ultraviolet Transparency In Lakes. International meeting of ASLO, Copenhagen, 5/00 (abstract).

2000, Hargreaves, B. R., C. Sopka, D. P. Morris.  Water Column Experiments With CDOM: Seasonal Changes in Photochemical Reactivity and Daily Photobleaching Rates (EOS, ASLO/AGU Ocean Sciences Meeting, San Antonio, 2/2000).

1999 Hargreaves, B.R. and K. Farkas. Lake evaporation: short-term mass tranfer and energy budget models tested with lake and pan data.  Abstract, ASLO 1999 Meeting.

1999 Williamson, C.E., B.R. Hargreaves, P.S. Orr, and P.A. Lovera. Does UV play a role in changes in predation and zooplankton community structure in acidified lakes?  Limnol. Oceanogr. 44:774-783.

1998 Farkas, K. and B.R. Hargreaves. Hydrology of two pocono lakes: Hourly weather and water level data yield rates of evaporation, runoff, & groundwater exchange. ASLO 1998 Meeting Abstracts, p. A-30.

1997 Morris, D. P. and B. R. Hargreaves. The role of photochemical degradation of dissolved organic carbon in regulating the UV transparency of three lakes on the Pocono Plateau. Limnol. Oceanogr. 42(2): 239-249.

1997 Hargreaves,.B.R. and C. Lozupone. Solar UV bleaching of DOM in lake water: experimental measurements and a model. Abstract for 1997 ASLO meeting.

1996 Ayoub, L.M., B.R. Hargreaves, and D.P. Morris. UVR attenuation in lakes: Relative contribution of dissolved and particulate material. SPIE Ocean Optics XIII, 2963:338-343.

1996 Hargreaves, B. R. Full-spectrum UV irradiance & estimates of column ozone from a solar-powered radiometer. EOS v.75, abstract for 1996 Ocean Sciences meeting of AGU/ASLO.

1996 Moeller, R. E. and B. R. Hargreaves. Midsummer resistance of phytoplankton productivity to UV photoinhibition in a clear temperate lake. EOS v.75, abstract for 1996 Ocean Sciences meeting of AGU/ASLO.

1995 Hargreaves, B. R. Mysid Crustaceans, p.59-68 in L.E. Dove and R.M. Nyman (eds.), Living Resources of the Delaware Estuary. The Delaware Estuary Program, 529 pp.

1995 Morris, D.P., H. Zagarese, C.E. Williamson, E.G. Balserio, B. Hargreaves, B. Modenutti, R. Moeller, C. Queimalinos. The attenuation of UV radiation in lakes and the role of dissolved organic carbon.  Limnol. Oceanogr. 40:1381-1391.

1994 Kirk, J. T. O., B. R. Hargreaves, D. P. Morris, R. Coffin, B. David, D. Frederickson, D. Karentz, D. Lean, M. Lesser, S. Madronich, J. H. Morrow, N. Nelson, and N. Scully. 1994. Measurement of UV-B radiation in two freshwater lakes: an instrument intercomparison. Arch. Hydrobiol. Beih., Ergbn. Limnol. 43:71-99.