"Voting Counts: Participation in the Measurement of Democracy"

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Bruce E. Moon, Jennifer Harvey Birdsall, Sylvia Ceisluk, Lauren M. Garlett, Joshua J. Hermias, Elizabeth Mendenhall, Patrick D. Schmid, and Wai Hong Wong (2006) "Voting Counts: Participation in the Measurement of Democracy" Studies in Comparative International Development 42, 2 (Summer, 2006)

Data as reported in SCID, 2006

Main file, Stata .xls contains all the main variables concerning democracy, variously defined, through 2003 as described in SCID, 2006.

Analysis file 1, Stata contains additional variables needed to replicate the SCID analysis.

Analysis file 2, Stata contains the data needed for the SCID analyses of the "Maddison years" (Be careful: this file is not as well documented as the others, it is organized in a "wide" rather than "long" format, and the nation codes are not consistent with the other files.)

Contact Bruce E. Moon for access to detailed documentation of data collection and processing, including the original data and command files.

Data updates: The main file containing all the democracy measures will be updated periodically. At present (5/21/2008), version 3 is complete through 2005 and contains additional data through 2007. For access, contact Bruce E. Moon.