Text Box: Bryant Born
Lehigh IBE Class of 2019

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Manhasset, New York

Email: bjb219@lehigh.edu





endless interestingness


Music: Alternative

Band: Imagine Dragons

Artist: Taylor Swift

Movie: Elf

Food: Chicken Fingers

Color: Slate Blue


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“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment”

-Jim Rohn


Hi I’m Bryant Born and welcome to my webpage! I am currently a Freshman at Lehigh enrolled in the IBE program.  I am from Manhasset, New York and graduated from Chaminade High School last spring.  I have been playing the piano for the past twelve years and have performed at Carnegie Hall ten times.  I also love snowboarding in the winter.  However my main passion is tennis, as I am a member of the tennis team here at Lehigh.

“Yes, I can!”-Ana Maria Trenchi Bottazzi

            -Dr. Bottazzi has been my piano teacher my entire life and I consider her to be my musical mother.  She has not only taught me how to play the piano but a great deal of how to overcome adversity and achieve what I want in life.