Visions of God: 2000 Years of Christian Art (REL/ART 22) is an interdisciplinary course that combines art history and the history of Christianity.  From the beginnings of their tradition Christians have represented their theologies and religious sentiments in visual arts and architecture, and for the same two millennia, myriads of Christians have learned their religion through visual representations.  From the earliest representations of Jesus in Christian art be it as Sun God, Good Shepard, philosopher, or magician to merciful Judge at the great Gothic cathedrals or their humanist visions of Christ in Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel frescoes we see Christians working out their theologies in visual terms.  This church study will pull from these ideas to thoroughly examine South Side Bethlehem's churches.  In this process studies will be made in architecture, art, liturgical forms, and the ethnic community origins under which a specific church as founded.


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Packer Memorial Chapel St. John's Windish Lutheran Church
Holy Ghost Roman Catholic Church St. Joseph's Slovenian Catholic
Holy Infancy Roman Catholic