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FAFNER: Factoring via Network-Enabled Recursion

Welcome to the World-Wide Web RSA130 Factoring Challenge at Lehigh University!

This is the RSA130 Web Page for Lehigh University, a site that has contributed 12,000,000+ partial relations to the RSA130 database as of November 17, 1995. This site receives tasks by email directly from Bellcore, rather than via a primary FAFNER server.

Lehigh is primarily an undergraduate institution, with a tradition of recruiting research-oriented faculty; and a small but intensive graduate program. Lehigh's high performance computing environment consists of around 100 IBM RS/6000 workstations in public and semi-public sites, supported by the Andrews File System (afs).

Previous factoring projects utilizing Lehigh's computing resources include about 30% of the computing to factor RSA120, which was described at Crypto '93 (immediately preceding the start of the RSA129 project); as well as about one half of the computing (i.e., sieving) for the current factoring record with gnfs, a 119-digit number whose factorization was reported at Crypto '95.

Pages for the General Public

RSA-130 Challenge Overview

...at Northeast Parallel Architectures Center

FAFNER Worldwide

...a geographic guide to FAFNER client/server topology and participation

FAFNER Tutorial

...for casual browsers and prospective helpers

Questions, comments to factor-help@cooperate.com.