Math 205, Spring 2008

Sections 10, 11; 8am and 9am, MWF

B. Dodson

Created February, 2008; last modified in March, 2008

Slides for this semester's Linear Methods course, Math 205, are in available here in two different formats. The weekly slides are formatted for printing, and ( perhaps), reading in your favorite browser. The daily slides are formatted for display on the classroom computer projector; in a large font (to be visible from the back of the room), with more frequent page breaks (along the line of powerpoint slides, but with better math symbols).

Weekly: (through first hour exam)

week 1 [week 1]. week 2 [week 2]. week 3 [week 3]. week 4 [week 4]. week 5: [week 5]. week 6: [week 6,7].


hw 1 [hw 1]. hw 2 [hw 2]. hw 3 [hw 3]. hw 4 [hw 4]. hw 5 [hw 5]. hw 6 [hw 6,7] hw 8 [hw 8] (preliminary) .

Both formats are Adobe graphics files (pdf). Most browsers include an Adobe reader for the display of these files. (If you have trouble reading these, you may need to download the reader from the Lehigh software page, or consult LTS help.) Daily files are available first, shortly before display in class, but may change over the course of the week. Only the format is changed in the weekly slides, not the content (you don't need both!). Neither version is intended as full Lecture Notes, but rather in support of the classroom presentation on the chalkboard. This index page isn't updated frequently, so you may check the files directly in [courses] for the most recent files.

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