Breaking 768-bit SNFS

Lattice Siever for (2^773)+1

Dear experienced cabalist (Jeff and Jim to start with):

If you expect to need (new) copies of all of the files, you may ignore the step-by-step instructions below and click here. There are 11 program files and a single unified instruction file.

NOTE: All programs and initialization files are copyright Arjen K. Lenstra, as indicated.

Long Integer Package:

If you don't already have a copy of lip.o, click here. There are 3 program files and a compile instruction. This output file is needed for all of the following, so if you're having trouble at this step you should consider picking up a compiled binary of bbbg0 at TBA1, or consulting a cabalist with experience using your compiler.

Factor Base Programs:

If you don't already have a copy of ratbase and algbase, click here. There are 3 new program files and two compile instructions. (If your copy of lip.o is OK, this step should be easy.)

Siever and Factor Bases:

Now that you have lip.o, ratbase and algbase, click here. There's a new program file (the siever!) and three instructions. (The crucial step ...)

Test File(s):

To pickup an initial test file, and see what the output is supposed to look like, click here.

Check out a sieving range (and decide how you'll send in your data):

TBA ...

B. Dodson, Revised March 6, 2000.