Anil Morisetti

Class of 2019







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About Me:


I, Anil Morisetti, am currently in

the IBE program at Lehigh

University. As a graduate from

South Brunswick High School in

Monmouth Junction, NJ, I have

been an enthusiastic participant

of the SB Viking Marching Band

playing trumpet and continue

this passion in Lehighís Marching

97. I plan to major in Computer




I wonder what happiness could look like if

we could give it a form. The shape of

happiness might resemble glass. Even

though you donít usually notice it, itís still

definitely there. You merely have to

change your point of view slightly and that

glass will sparkle when it reflects the light.

I doubt anything could argue its existence

more eloquently.


-          Lelouch vi Brittania (Code Geass)