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Book Chapters

•  “Computational Cohesive Zone Modeling of Polymer Interfacial Failure” , P. Rahul-Kumar, S. Muralidhar, A. Jagota, S. Bennison, S. Saigal, in Modeling and Simulation-based Life Cycle Engineering ¸ K.P. Chong, S. Saigal, S. Thynell, H.S. Morgan (eds.) SPON Press (London & New York), 17-30 (2002).

•  “Carbon Nanotube-Biomolecule Interactions: Applications in Carbon Nanotube Separation and Biosensing”, Anand Jagota, Bruce A. Diner, Salah Boussaad, Ming Zheng, in “Applied Physics of Nanotubes: Fundamentals of Theory, Optics and Transport Devices”. Slava Rotkin and Shekhar Subramoney (eds.), Springer series in Nanoscience and Technology, Springer ( New York ) pp. 253-271 (2005 ).

•  “Molecular Combing of DNA and Carbon Nanotubes by a Moving Meniscus,” Constantine Khripin, Anand Jagota, Ming Zheng, in Nanoscale liquid interfaces: wetting, patterning and force microscopy at molecular scale, Thierry Ondarcuhu, J. P. Aime, editors, Pan Stanford Publishing, (2012).

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