Angela Hicks


My primary research interest lies in the areas of algebraic combinatorics, representation theory, and symmetric function theory, and in particular symmetric and quasisymmetric functions.  As a more specific indication of my interests, I currently am actively thinking about particular problems related to: Macdonald polynomials and the n! conjecture, k-schur functions, rational Catalan combinatorics, random generation of combinatorial objects, and the sand pile model.  My doctoral thesis, completed under Adriano Garsia, concentrated on parking functions and their conjectured (proven?--see the latest exciting reasearch by Carlsson and Mellit) relation to the diagonal harmonics.

One really nice and unusual use of representation theory is in computing time to uniformity in group walks, as kindly explained to me by my postdoc mentor, Persi Diaconis; we worked on a classical random walk on the Heisenberg group using this Fourier Analytic approach and this explains several recent papers with a less obviously combinatorial bent.


Selected Talks: