I photograph flowers and foliage that I can buy in
the grocery store in the wintertime, find along walks during my travels, or cultivate in my garden during the growing season. To these I add fungus, lichen, seed heads and insects. I generally try to use a short depth of field to make it easier to extract the object from its background. I then begin to rearrange the flowers to make individual girih or tiles inspired by the fivefold symmetries used in Islamic tilings. The photographic details of the flowers retain their visibility on screen and close up but at a normal viewing distance edges blur and the abstract geometric forms created by different arrangements of five uniquely shaped girih dominate.
     In the example shown, the five tiles are at 30 per cent scale. The finished piece is 23 by 69 inches. A detail of the final piece at 100% scale is shown in the rectangle above and behind this text.

Tiling Designs by Anna Chupa