by Jonathan Swift

This text was scanned and edited by Deep Singh as part of a class project for Ann Van Sant's Graduate Seminar, Of Ancients and Moderns, in the spring of 1996.

Apology, 1996: Note on Sources and Editions, &c.

  • Note on Sources and Editions
  • Starter Links; Navigating A Tale
  • 'The Last Writer' or the First Editor? Some Thoughts...
  • A Brief History of pre-20th-century editions of A Tale
  • Swift Resources on the Web, 18th Century Links

    Swift's 1710 Edition of A Tale of a Tub

  • (Front-Piece of the 1710 Edition: 33K)
  • Treatises wrote by the Same Author...
  • An Apology...
  • To the Right Honourable JOHN, Lord Somers,
  • The Bookseller to the Reader
  • The Epistle Dedicatory to his Royal Highness POSTERITY
  • The Preface
  • Section I: The Introduction
  • Section II: A Tale of a Tub
  • Section III: A Digression Concerning Critics
  • Section IV: A Tale of a Tub
  • Section V: A Digression in the Modern Kind
  • Section VI: A Tale of a Tub
  • Section VII: A Digression in Praise of Digressions
  • Section VIII: A Tale of a Tub
  • Section IX: A Digression Concerning the Original, The Use, and Improvement of Madness in a Commonwealth
  • Section X: The Author's Compliment to the Readers; A Further Digression
  • Section XI: A Tale of a Tub
  • The Conclusion
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