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with help from students in English 2.45

Note: The following resources come from the bibliographies of several students in my English 2.45 class. I have not personally gone through the list to confirm the content of each link, so I do not vouch for everything linked below! Resources that are found to be unreliable will be removed; new links will be added.


Saddam Hussein
History of U.S. Policy in Iraq
Iraq Oil
Reconstructing Iraq
U.S.-led Humanitarian wars in the 1990s

Arab-Israeli issues

Naguib Mahfouz

Salman Rushdie

Suicide Bombers

Religion and Technology in America

Naguib Mahfouz

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Suicide bombings

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Arab-Israeli issues
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Saddam Hussein

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History of U.S. Policy in Iraq

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U.S.-led “Humanitarian” Wars – Rwanda, Kosovo, Somalia, Iraq

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Iraq and Oil

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Reconstructing Iraq

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Salman Rushdie

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Religion and Technology in America

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