Lost Measure:
A Conference on H.D.

Schedule Draft

Organized by Lehigh University and the H.D. Society


September 20-22 2002

Lehigh University

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania


All events at the Lehigh Humanities Center on Packer Avenue unless otherwise noted





5 PM    Informal gathering and free-form poetry, oriented to Lehigh undergraduates

7 PM    Screening of Borderline and discussion with Alexander Doty (Lehigh University),

and Charlotte Mandel





8:00 AM Breakfast – H.D. Society meeting


9:00 AM Reception and Dedication


9:15 – 11:00 AM First Session


Contexts of Classicism

Maria Fox, “H.D.’s Hymenic Mysteries: "Hymen" as a Matrix”

Delia Fisher, Westfield State College, “Claiming Classicism: H.D.'s Feminized Epic, Helen in Egypt”

Heather Thomas, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, “H.D. and Anne Waldman: Vow to ‘Salvation Poetry’”


Poetics/Iconics of Subject-Making


Georgia Kreiger, West Virginia University, “Autobiographical Product Versus Process in H. D.’s HERmione

Wayne Kobylinski, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, “’Could Beauty Be Caught and Hurt’: The Captivating Glance in H.D.’s Poetry”

Patricia Moyer, Visiting Scholar, University of North Carolina, "The Unwritten Volume of the New"


11:00 Coffee/Tea/Fruit


11:15-1:00 Plenary Session  (Re)Aligning H.D.

                        At Room 200 Lindemann Library

Chair: Rachel Blau DuPlessis, Temple University

Cyrena Pondrom, University of Wisconsin-Madison, “H.D. and the Rise of the Communal and Visionary Voice in Anglo-American Modernism”

C.D. Blanton, Princeton University, “ParaRhythms:  The Lateral Logic of Incidents and Endings”

Adelaide Morris, University of Iowa, “Aligning H.D.”


1:00-2:30 Lunch (on your own)


2:30-4:15 Second Session


(Trans)National Ties

Celena Kusch, Penn State University, “Transatlantic H.D.: A Triangle of Friendship”

Donna Hollenberg, University of Connecticutt at Storrs, "'The Deeper Unsatisfied War’: Robert Duncan's Poems for H.D."

Annette Debo, Western Carolina University, “H.D.'s American Landscape: The Power and Permanence of Place”


Erotics and the Mystical


Shannon McRae, SUNY Fredonia, “'Tear us an Altar': Erotic Violence and Prophecy in H.D.”

Rob Spirko, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, “’The Perfect Bi—‘: Sexuality, Mystical Affect, and Identity in HERmione and Nights”

Jane Augustine, "Loved by the Gods": H.D., Orgasm and Divine Ecstasy”



4:45 Keynote Address, Susan Stanford Friedman, University of Wisconsin-Madison

            At Room 200 Lindemann Library


6:45 Dinner (catered; food served at Humanities center)


8:30 Poetry reading (w/drinks) at the Humanities Center


Rachel Blau DuPlessis, Cynthia Hogue, Jane Augustine, Craig Arnold, Heather Thomas, Charlotte Mandel & possibly others





8:00 Tour of H.D. Sites in Bethlehem


9:00-10:45 AM Third Session


H.D.’s Scientific Imagination


Lara Vetter, University of Maryland at College Park, "The 'electric fervour' of H.D.'s Modernist Artist: Sexuality, Science, and Spiritualism"

Brent M. Blackwell, Purdue University, "The Quantum Nature of the Image in H.D.'s Trilogy"

Stephanie Hawkins, SUNY at Buffalo, "Marie Curie of Modernism: H.D.'s 'new autobiographical directive' in The Gift"


Feminist Methodologies


Marina Camboni, Università degli Studi di Macerata (Italy), "H.D., London and the Suffragist Vortex"

Tenley Diefenbach, Drew University, "Against Patriarchy: H.D., Woolf, and Fascism"

Patrizia Muscogiuri, University of Salford (UK), “From ‘shipwrecked mariners’ to insurgent breakers: (re)empowering women writers”


10:45 AM Coffee/Tea/Fruit


11:00-12:45 PM Final Plenary Session


Mourning and Resistance in H.D.’s War Poetry

                At Room 200 Lindemann Library

            Chair: Patricia Ingham, Lehigh University

Rebecca Wisor, City University of New York, “(Wo)Men's War Work”

Kerry Manders, York University, “The "Strange Magic" of Memory: H.D.'s Trilogy

Madelyn Detloff, Miami University of Ohio, “Re-scripting Atrocity: H.D. and Public Mourning”


1:00 PM and after – rides to Airport

Or: Lunch on your own (optional)