Fall 2001 – Lehigh University                                                            Email: amsp@lehigh.edu

English 385 – British Modernism                                                                                              

Amardeep Singh                                                                                                                     


Amendation: The first paper is now due Monday, September 17.


Readings for September 10-14


Monday September 10: T.S. Eliot

The Waste Land (hypertext) http://eliotswasteland.tripod.com/

Ash Wednesday (handout)

The Hollow Men (handout)


Wednesday September 12: Yeats

105 “Upon a House shaken by the Land Agitation”


115 “September 1913”

143 “The Wild Swans at Coole”

144 “In Memory of Major Robert Gregory”

145 “An Irish Airman foresees his Death”

193 “Easter, 1916”

194 “Sixteen Dead Men”

196 “On a Political Prisoner”

197 “The Leaders of the Crowd”

200 “The Second Coming”

201 “A Prayer for my Daughter”

202 “A Meditation in Time of War”

212 “I see Phantoms of Hatred and of the Heart’s Fullness and of the Coming Emptiness”

253 “Coole Park, 1929”


Friday September 14: Yeats and Tagore

Yeats: “Introduction” to Gitanjali (handout)

Tagore: Poems from Gitanjali (circled on handout)

Yeats: 259 “Mohini Chatterjee”

321: “The Gyres”

322: “Lapis Lazuli”

323 “Imitated from the Japanese”

352 “The Spirit Medium”