Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Literary Secularism: Introduction to the blog

This blog is in support of my book, Literary Secularism, which was published by Cambridge Scholars Press. The book is a significantly revised version of my Ph.D. dissertation, which was completed in May of 2001.

The book can be purchased from Amazon.co.uk here. Amazon.co.uk ships to the U.S. with a pretty reasonable postage charge.

The book can also be ordered directly from Cambridge Scholars Press. The price is about the same.

In the days and weeks to come I will be adding material describing some of the key arguments of the book. I might also have abbreviated discussions of some of the important issues and texts discussed in the book.

It is, quite obviously, a bit too expensive for most people to buy, but major university libraries usually pay for cloth-bound books that cost about this much. Faculty and graduate student requests for new acquisitions are often approved (at most universities, few people take advantage of their ability to suggest books for the library to buy). So my hope is that interested readers will ask their respective libraries to buy it.


Ganesh said...

no, no, no, my friend! you're going about this all wrong! you need to, in short bullet-like points, explain that this book will entail "hours of fun for the whole family", that it "makes a great stocking stuffer", and "dad will like it more than a tie!".

sheesh! instead of saying "It is, quite obviously, a bit too expensive for most people to buy", say it's "an invaluable gift that your children will treasure for years!".

I'm willing to trade in my PR skills for a succinct explanation of what the subaltern are and if any are date-worthy. ;-)

2:04 PM  
Amardeep said...

Wow, that was fast. I was planning to unveil this site properly in a day or two. I didn't think anyone would actually click on the link ;-)

Anyway Ganesh, I think my goal here is to raise awareness while avoiding the "hard sell." Even people who like my blog may not really dig the book, since it's written in a pretty heavy technical style -- aimed at specialists. It doesn't even have cover art!

But we'll see, I might start claiming it as a "great stocking stuffer" in a few weeks all the same.

2:56 PM  
Ganesh said...

GoogleReader informs me when you've made new posts, btw.

regardless, congrats on the book! i read the description on the cambridge site, and the scope of the topic sounds fascinating.

3:12 PM  

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