Amardeep Singh
Sunday, April 03, 2005
A Very Desi Weekend: Indian bloggers; BOB NYC
First, I went and met Indian desi bloggers at the Bay Leaf Restaurant in New York.

It's interesting that no one has blogged about it (though Kerim has posted a Flickr photo set), though I can kind of understand it: sometimes it's better to keep real life socialization separate from what one talks about on one's blog.

Also, some friends were involved with the production of Best of the Best NYC, so we spent Saturday evening watching an intercollegiate dance competition in Tribeca. I've been to these before, and generally found them a little tedious to watch. Bhangra Blowout, for instance, is a drag to go to (overblown, if you will), unless you have family involved in the production. [I was also distressed to find out that someone was killed at the after-party at this year's event, though I think it's basically random.]

BOBNYC was more fun than those shows, mainly because of the inclusion of Garba/Raas teams as well as "fusion" teams. There can be such thing as too much Punjabi culture, and the inclusion of some Gujurati culture as well as Bolly/Holly/hip hop hybridity makes things more interesting.

I also enjoyed Josh, the "special act," from Montreal. I've yet to hear music from them that really knocks my socks off, but they have more stage presence than any other live Bhangra act I've seen recently.

It sounds like someone had a good weekend!
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