Wednesday, November 17, 2004

NY Times Review of A Doll's House

This article, featured on New York, is written by Charles Isherwood and reviews the staging of a Doll's House by German director Thomas Ostermeier on his American debut at the Brooklyn Academy of music. In his review, Isherwood makes some interesting distinctions between this version recently performed in New York and the classic play written by Henrik Ibsen. Isherwood comments that the play features many modern updates, including pop music and a modernist-clad appartment as well as a focus on the issue of sexuality and the role it plays between men and women in society. As stated in the article, "In Mr. Ostermeier's harsh interpretation of the play, all relationships turn on power, and sex is the most potent and readily available source." The characters in this modern version very blantantly communicate their sexuality to the audience in order to establish the issue of women's independence versus their dependence on men. Ostermeier relies on very emotional and phsyical bursts between his characters to show Henrik's play in a more up-to-date setting.

Another distinction between this play and Isben's original version is that it is called "Nora," which it is called in traditional Germany.)


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