Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Isben and his family was affected by poverty early on in his life and effected his ability to receive a solid education. In 1850 Isben movied to Chrisitinia and attended Heltzberg's "student factory" where through some of his writings he earned money. After he failed the entrance exam to fulfill his dream of becoming a physician, he was appointed stage poet a small theatre in Bergen. After six years there he returned to Chistiania to become the artistic director of a Norwegian theatre. After awhile the theatre went bankrupt and Isben was appointed to the Christianian theatre. His plays in his theatres didn't attract many audiences and the constant disappoints became a burden to him. Isben then received an award for foreign travel from the government and spent the next 27 years traveling Rome. It was during this time he spent traveling in Rome that he wrote he best works. After spending many hears traveling he returned to Norway and continued writing for nine more years.


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