Wednesday, November 17, 2004


The site I found was particuarly intresting because it talks about the social lies that Ibsen presents in his play. The site actually houses an essay about the social significance of modern drama. Apparently societal issues were extremely important to Ibsen, which is no wonder he wrote such a strong piece about the fakeness of the Helmer's marriage. The essay refers mostly to Nora, and her appearance of shallowness. The final line of the essay though simply proves how far advanced Ibsen's writing was for the 19th early 20th century. "When Nora closes behind her the door of her doll's house, she opens wide the gate of life for woman, and proclaims the revolutionary message that only perfect freedom and communion make a true bond between man and woman, meeting in the open, without lies, without shame, free from the bondage of duty."


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