Monday, October 04, 2004

Unavailable on the web, but a good article

"Bronze by Gold by Bloom: Echo, the Invocatory Drive, and the 'Aurteur' in 'Sirens'"
Susan Mooney
Found in Bronze by Gold: The Music of Joyce, ed. Sebastian Knowles

Mooney argues that the images of the mirror, shell, and piano tuner all create a setting conducive to echoes, the foundation of "Sirens." She spends little time discussing the first 64 lines I base the majority of my paper on, but she does look at the scene in which the word "echo" stands alone as a sentence. She plays with the language in that section as I play with it in the introduction. Her last sentence sums up her argument nicely. "Little pieces of the real--sounds and objects--are draped in language, and then that language is woven and rewoven and then worried away between one's ceaselessly seeking fingers, twisted and twined through one's cocked, shell-like, waiting ear (the unclosable orifice)" (239).


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