Monday, October 11, 2004

sherwood anderson

Sherwood Anderson was born into a poor family in Camden, Ohio in 1876 where he served as a laborer during his early years. After serving as a laborer for several years Anderson then served in the Spanish-American war until attending Wittenberg Academy, in Springfield, Ohio in 1900. Once completing his studies at Wittenberg, Anderson married Corneila Lane with whom he had 3 children . At this time in his life Anderson was not specifically focusing on writing. Instead he made his money by a mail-order paint business. After crisis in both his marriage and business Anderson went to Chicago to focus solely on his career as a writer. Anderson's first published work,Windy McPhersons Son, was publish in 1916, the same year he divorced Corneila and remarried to a woman namedTennessee Mitchell. During this time period Anderson continued to write and to he gained recognition for his work. Up until 1921 Anderson was relatively happy with his life, but in 1922 Anderson divorced Tennessee, left Chicago for New York and then for Reno. In 1924 Anderson then married his third wife, Elizabeth Prall, and then continued to move to New Orleans. After all of this moving, Anderson then purchased a farm in Virginia and a publishing company called the Marion Publishing Company where he became editor of two weekly newspapers. Once again Anderson's love life fell apart and he and Elizabth separated and he then married Eleanor Copenhaver. For the remainder of his life Anderson and Eleanor travelled in the South. Anderson met with his demise on March 8, 1941 in South America due to peritonitis.

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