Monday, October 18, 2004

Flannery O'Connor

Because we spent so much time on Flannery O'Connor in high school I felt it would be interesting to find out some information about her. Also since Deep is so into writer gossip I thought perhaps she might have some, being a Twentieth century writer! Well the first line of her biography begins with..."Flannery led a rather uneventful life that was focused almost exclusively on her vocation as a writer and devotion to her Catholic faith." So much for gossip. However what I saw most on various O'Connor websites is that her writing is so remarkable because she lead such a bland life. The fact that she could see into the human mind and create characters that were so different from anyone she would have known it an attribute that makes her great. O'Connor was born in 1925 in Georgia, she was an only child. While in school Flannery wrote "satire" pieces, yet when she was rejected from literary magazines. At age 16 she began at Georgia State College for Women, and graduated in three years. She then enrolled in a writers workshop in Iowa. After leaving Iowa O'Connor was invited to live in a writers colony in Upstate NY where randomly enough she raised peacocks, and of course wrote. She developed lupus and died in 1964.


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