Tuesday, October 19, 2004

E.B. White

Elwyn Brooks White was born in 1899 in Mt. Vernon, New York. After graduating from Cornell University, he went on to write for the New Yorker Magazine where he met his wife, Katherine Angell, the editor of the magzine at the time. Through writing for the New Yorker, one of today's most popular magazines, he became known for his witty and satiric observations of his contemporary society. He was also said to have a "crisp, graceful, and relaxed style" and a knack for pointing out the ironic perspective in his writing. White is famous for his essays and children's fiction and wrote such stories as Charlotte's Web and Stuart Little. In his story "The Second Tree From the Corner", White clearly uses his ironic undertone for which he has become known, in addition to his ability to illustrate everyday occurrances in an accurate and witty manner. In 1985, he died in Maine from Alzeimers.


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