Monday, October 18, 2004

E. B. White

I was interested in E.B. White not only because I found his story in the short stories collection interesting, but because I also enjoyed his other novels "Staurt Little" and "Charlotte's Web" that I read when I was younger. I did not know much about him, but was interested to learn that his full name was Elwyn Brooks White and was born in 1899, the youngest of a very large family. It made sense to find that his parents were great lovers of childern and encouraged Elwyn in all his writings. He finished at Cornell University and began to write for "The New Yorker" as well as other columns in other literary magizines. He wrote much including a manual to be used in schools called The Elements of Style in 1959 which was revised and used for many years in schools. He moved to Maine in the middle part of his life, and sadly died there of Alzheimer disease in 1985.


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