Wednesday, September 01, 2004

John Keats

The poet I chose to research was John Keats. I chose him out of all of the poets because I was drawn to his poem "To Autumn". This poem was attractive to me because of the calm and beautiful way that Keats described nature. A second reason why I chose this poet was because of his wonderful rhyme scheme that makes the poem flow so smoothly.

After reading the poem it made me want to learn more about Keats. What I discovered was that Keats was an English poet who lived from 1795 to 1821. He was a Romanticism poet that had a great love for life and those around him. His life was cut short due to Tuburculosis at age 25. In reading up on Keats others commented on his ability to describe the beauty of the natural world and how effective he was at doing so. His poetic imagery and sound is a second comment that was prevalent in the few biographies that I read. Finally, in the twentieth century Keats was highly praised by T. S. Elliot for his work in poetry and what contributions he had made to the literary form.


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