Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Gerard Manley Hopkins' "Inversnaid"

This poem jumped out at me because of the way it treats language. I was impressed with the rhythm and musicality of the piece. I am not a huge fan of poetry so it takes something special to entice me. Since I'm a musician, a musical quality can often be that something. The book mentions that some of the words used here are made up. This is interesting because what I liked about this poem was not the meaning of the words so much as the musical and rhythmical use of the words. The alliteration and rhythm to the piece really resonated in my ear. I find it to be very fulfilling when a piece can have a separate meaning outside of the literal meaning of the words. So, even if all of these words were nonsense words, I would still have enjoyed hearing the poem. That being said, below is the best link I could find on the poet.


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