Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Ezra Pound

I also chose to investigate Ezra Pound because, while he was born in Idaho and as an adult spent long periods in London, Paris, and Italy, he was actually raised in Wyncote, PA. I learned from my parents that I was born in the same development that he lived in during his childhood years. In addition to what other people have already posted, I learned that while Pound was among the initial founders of "Imagism," he later broke with the school to create his own style in tandem with Wyndham Lewis and the sculptor Henri Gaudier-Brzeska called "Vorticism." Also, Ezra Pound spent 12 years in a hospital for the criminally insane after broadcasting anti-Semitic statements over the radio in Rome. Pound died in 1972 in Italy. In his lifetime he published over 70 books and translated many Japanese plays and Chinese poems into English, which served as inspiration to him. I collected information on Ezra Pound from:


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