Monday, August 30, 2004

Theodore Roethke

I was particularly drawn to Theodore Roethke's poem "The Geranium" (p.103) when going over the readings for class. It was the speaker's apparent devastation and my confusion as to what the geranium actually was that propelled me to investigate further. While I have analyzed some of Roethke's other works, I had never read The Geranim and knew very little about the author.

After researching Theodore Roethke, I gained much insight into his work. Raised by greenhouse owners, Roethke often uses floral imagery to depict his message. Severely depressed for most of his life, Roethke communicates his inexplicable sadness through his work. The Geranium seems staple for the author's style and position as he elucidates the speaker's lonesomeness (possibly from losing his beloved lady) in terms of a flower. It is probably Roethke's own pain and loss which inspired this work and after becoming familiar with his situation, I better understand the implied meaning of the flower.



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