Monday, May 10, 2004

Blogger upgrade -- change in Comments coming

Blogger has finally introduced integrated comment functionality, which means I might dispense with "Comment This." The problem is I have to use Post Page Archiving, where each entry will get its own page w/comments below (a little like the Moveable Type system). This is good because it means permalinks will be simpler (less #ABD232433), and it also means that comments will be fully online and searchable. But I wonder if it will restructure my existing archives? Judging from Blogger's help page, probably not-- I think it will just change the archiving of future posts. Still, please bear with me in case everything goes haywire.

Incidentally, all of the Comment This comment pages will disappear when I turn off the service and turn on Blogger comments (Tuesday or Wednesday, probably). I am cutting-and-pasting all comments into a .doc file, will publish highlights to a separate web page that will be linked from the main blog. I will edit posts that use profanity, or that have incivil ad hominems (i.e., comments that accuse me of 'pontificating' stay in, comments that have nasty sexualized insults go out). Still, in the short run you may wish to go through and pull out comments for your records...


Amardeep said...

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This is a second test comment

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