Your Job As an Engineer

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You're a design engineer and a lady with a lot of money comes to you with four of her products (seen below). She will pay you well if you can improve them to better suit her needs.

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Your job, if you choose to accept it, is to take one of the existing products below and determine a new material or materials that would better suit the application stated. In other words, there are other materials out there that could make the product cheaper, lighter, stronger, more enviromentally safe, and more resistant to corrosion allowing you to sell more.


yellow_wht0011x1.gif yellow_wht0011x2.gif
Redesign a pot yellow_wht0012x2.gif
Redesign an oar
Redesign Bleachers yellow_wht0014x2.gif
Redesign a PDA Cover

After you check the specific assignment for the object you would like to redesign, go up to the navigation bar under the title and check out how the design process works and some examples of design.

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