Defense of Selection

Ways to Report Information Classroom Activities Extension Activities  

You've tried alternative materials, you've tested materials constraints, and properties, and you have matched the product constraints and needs... Now, like all engineers and scientists, you have to communicate your findings with the rest of the world.

Directions: Your teacher may tell you how to communicate your findings or she may let you choose from the three that can be found under WAYS TO REPORT above. The first way is a classroom debate where your team of design engineers will go up against other design engineers to convince the teacher or class that you have chosen the best material. The next option is to report your findings on the World Wide Web. To do this you will fill in the appropriate information on the form provided, the information will be compiled on another Web site that your teacher is aware of. After all the projects are done the teacher will share the address of that Web site. And the last option is to develop a motel or prototype of the redesigned project. It is also a good idea when everything is done to check out the fun CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES and EXTENSION ACTIVITIES.

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