Having Fun With Plants

In class we have been investigating how plants grow. We looked at the different parts of seeds, how seeds travel, parts of plants, and what plants need to grow. We even did experiments growing plants in different conditions. Now we are going to explore how plants grow best. Use the handout given to you in class to complete this assignment. click here to access the worksheet

Processes we will be using:


What makes plants grow best?


In class we all tested different conditions under which plants could grow:

You are going to use the data we collected in class and graph the growth of the plant under each condition. Complete this section of your handout using class data.


Look at your graph and observe the differences between each plant. Which conditions are best for plants to grow? Why?


We have now explored what plants need to grow. Can you think of other factors that might affect the growth of plants? Here are some ideas to get you started.






The school just hired a new gardener and he needs your help with the plants. It is your job to write him a letter telling him about what plants need to grow and why. Make sure to include evidence from our plant experiment to support your argument. After writing this letter, include a drawing of what you learned from this experiment about plant conditions. Later we will share these letters and drawings with other classes that conducted similar experiments.

Additional Websites:

These are some websites you might want to explore to find out more about plants: