We call them pests. They can't be all bad......right? You decide!

Consider this:

You may think that bees are pests because they can sting you. But all the fruits, vegetables and flowers that bees pollinate are worth billions of dollars a year! That's helpful, not pesky.

Find out more about some common insect pests and let me know what you think.

After completing this investigation you will be able to answer these questions:

1. What do these pests do that make them a problem for humans?

2. How are these pests controlled?

1. Different types of pests

First, visit these sites to find out more about these creatures.


Ant Info

Helpful or hurtful?

* Aphids

Aphid Info

Who are aphidbodyguards?


Cockroach Info

How much is that cockroach in the window?


Termite Info

Destroyers or builders?

2. How to solve pest problems

It's true, pests cause damage.Now find out how humans try to prevent or stop pesky problems.


Getting rid of ants in the home

* Aphids

Interesting ways to control aphids without pesticides (Scroll down to Aphids and read the bullets)


How to prevent a cockroach invasion


How to control termites (Scroll down to Control)

3. After finding out more about pests, what do you think?

What problems do these pests cause, and how are they controlled?

Is it important that humans control pests? Why or why not?

How do pests affect your life?

Do the insects you learned about do anything good?

Remember, some people don't like bugs and insects. Do you like them?

YES! I love them. The more legs the better!

Find someone who isn't a fan like you, and tell them why you think bugs and insects are great.


NO! I don't like creepy crawlies.

Find someone who loves the little guys and tell them why you think these pests just cause problems.

*Before your discussion, think about the pros and cons of insects.

Hint:Are all insects pests? Are all pests insects?

Let me know how the discussion went. Email ajs8@lehigh.edu

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Do you want to learn more about pests? Try these other sites:

Other common pests (including rodents)

Bug and insect photography (also includes non-pests)

Reduce pest problems in your school! (Acrobat Reader needed) click here to download )

Insects, insects and more insects

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