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coppee-rm103 Journalism lab

Room Calendar

In Use: 2, Available: 19

coppee103i coppee103l coppee103a coppee103b coppee103c coppee103d coppee103e coppee103f coppee103g coppee103h coppee103j coppee103k coppee103m coppee103n coppee103o coppee103p coppee103q coppee103r coppee103s coppee103t coppee103u

drown-rm10 English lab

Room Calendar

In Use: 11, Available: 12

drown10w drown10c drown10d drown10h drown10j drown10k drown10m drown10n drown10o drown10p drown10r drown10a drown10b drown10e drown10f drown10g drown10i drown10l drown10q drown10s drown10t drown10u drown10v

drown-rm20 English lab

Room Calendar

In Use: 4, Available: 21

drown20f drown20j drown20l drown20n drown209 drown202 drown20a drown20b drown20c drown20d drown20e drown20g drown20h drown20i drown20k drown20m drown20o drown20p drown20q drown20r drown20s drown20t drown20u drown20v drown20w

ewfm-rm180 LTS Computing Center, 'the pit', 24-hr

In Use: 2, Available: 10

m180h m180k m180a m180c m180d m180e m180f m180b m180i m180j m180l m180g

ewfm-rm292 LTS Computing Center, micro lab

Room Calendar

In Use: 0, Available: 13

m292a m292b m292c m292d m292e m292f m292g m292h m292i m292j m292k m292l m292m

ewfm-rm400 LTS EWFM Library, by the LTS Helpdesk / Cafe

In Use: 8, Available: 20

fm400a fm400b fm400c fm400e fm449a fm449g fmexpb fmexpc fm400d fm400f fm400g fm400h fm400i fm400j fm400k fm400l fm449b fm449c fm449d fm449e fm449f fm449h fm449j fm449k fmexpa fmexpd fm449l fm449m

ewfm-rm500 LTS EWFM Library, 5th floor CAD lab

In Use: 2, Available: 12

fm550d fm550l fm550a fm550b fm550c fm550e fm550f fm550g fm550h fm550i fm550j fm550k fm550m fm550n

ewfm-rm600 LTS EWFM Library, 6th floor CAD lab

In Use: 0, Available: 10

fm650a fm650b fm650c fm650d fm650e fm650f fm650g fm650h fm650i fm650j

fritz-rm402 Engineering Intro lab

Room Calendar

In Use: 5, Available: 30

fr402c fr402m fr402n fr402q fr402y fr402aa fr402a fr402b fr402d fr402e fr402f fr402g fr402h fr402i fr402j fr402k fr402l fr402o fr402p fr402r fr402s fr402t fr402u fr402v fr402w fr402x fr402z fr402bb fr402cc fr402dd fr402ee fr402ff fr402gg fr402hh fr402ii

fritz-rm605 Gibson CAD lab

Room Calendar

In Use: 1, Available: 24

fr605o fr605m fr605a fr605b fr605c fr605d fr605e fr605f fr605g fr605h fr605i fr605j fr605k fr605l fr605y fr605n fr605p fr605q fr605r fr605x fr605t fr605u fr605v fr605w fr605s

grace-rm28 LTS 24-hr public site, classroom

Room Calendar

In Use: 3, Available: 26

gr28x gr28z gr28aa gr28ab gr28a gr28b gr28c gr28i gr28j gr28k gr28l gr28m gr28n gr28o gr28p gr28q gr28r gr28s gr28t gr28u gr28v gr28w gr28y gr28ac gr28d gr28e gr28f gr28g gr28h

linderman-rm132w LTS Linderman Library Reading Room, west

In Use: 0, Available: 10

l132wo l132wb l132wc l132wd l132wf l132wg l132wh l132wp l132wq l132wr

linderman-rm302 LTS Linderman Libraryclassroom

Room Calendar

In Use: 0, Available: 19

l302a l302b l302c l302d l302f l302g l302i l302j l302l l302m l302n l302p l302q l302s l302t l302v l302w l302x l302y

maginnes-rm242 Maginnes 242 ICAPE lab

In Use: 0, Available: 8

mg242a mg242b mg242c mg242d mg242e mg242f mg242g mg242h

mohler-rm121 ISE private lab

In Use: 0, Available: 39

ml121a ml121b ml121c ml121d ml121e ml121f ml121g ml121h ml121i ml121j ml121k ml121l ml121m ml121n ml121o ml121p ml121q ml121r ml121s ml121t ml121u ml121v ml121w ml121x ml121y ml121z ml121aa ml121ab ml121ac ml121ad ml121ae ml121af ml121ag ml121ah ml121ai ml121aj ml121ak ml121al ml121am

mohler-rm210 Enterprise Systems Center CIM/CAD lab

Room Calendar

In Use: 0, Available: 18

ml210a ml210b ml210c ml210d ml210e ml210f ml210g ml210h ml210i ml210j ml210k ml210l ml210m ml210n ml210o ml210p ml210q ml210r

mohler-rm444 ISE, LTS public site

Room Calendar

In Use: 1, Available: 16

ml444b ml444a ml444c ml444d ml444e ml444f ml444g ml444h ml444j ml444k ml444m ml444n ml444p ml444q ml444r ml444s ml444t

mudd-rm464 Chemistry, LTS public site

Room Calendar

In Use: 2, Available: 16

mu464i mu464n mu464a mu464b mu464c mu464d mu464e mu464f mu464g mu464h mu464j mu464k mu464l mu464m mu464o mu464p mu464r mu464q

packard-rm264 LTS public site

Room Calendar

In Use: 2, Available: 10

pl264d pl264f pl264a pl264b pl264c pl264e pl264g pl264h pl264i pl264j pl264k pl264l

rauch-rm50 CBE public site / lab

Room Calendar

In Use: 11, Available: 28

rbc50k rbc50m rbc50q rbc50t rbc50x rbc50d rbc50c rbc50z rbc50aa rbc50ah rbc50ak rbc50g rbc50h rbc50i rbc50j rbc50l rbc50n rbc50o rbc50p rbc50r rbc50s rbc50u rbc50v rbc50y rbc50a rbc50b rbc50e rbc50f rbc50ab rbc50ac rbc50ad rbc50ae rbc50af rbc50ag rbc50ai rbc50aj rbc50al rbc50am rbc50w

rauch-rm51 CBE private lab

Room Calendar

In Use: 0, Available: 37

rbc51ak rbc51a rbc51b rbc51c rbc51d rbc51e rbc51f rbc51g rbc51h rbc51i rbc51s rbc51j rbc51k rbc51l rbc51m rbc51n rbc51o rbc51p rbc51q rbc51r rbc51t rbc51u rbc51v rbc51w rbc51x rbc51y rbc51z rbc51aa rbc51ab rbc51ac rbc51ad rbc51ae rbc51af rbc51ag rbc51ah rbc51ai rbc51aj

rauch-rm60 LTS public site

In Use: 3, Available: 11

rbc60f rbc60h rbc60k rbc60a rbc60b rbc60c rbc60d rbc60e rbc60g rbc60i rbc60j rbc60l rbc60m rbc60n

rauch-rm70 CBE public site / lab

Room Calendar

In Use: 8, Available: 31

rbc70m rbc70q rbc70u rbc70v rbc70w rbc70aa rbc70ab rbc70ah rbc70p rbc70d rbc70y rbc70a rbc70b rbc70c rbc70e rbc70f rbc70g rbc70h rbc70i rbc70j rbc70k rbc70l rbc70n rbc70o rbc70r rbc70s rbc70t rbc70x rbc70z rbc70ac rbc70ad rbc70ae rbc70af rbc70ag rbc70ai rbc70aj rbc70ak rbc70al rbc70am

saucon11-rm121 Gipson Saucon Village Housing, Goodman campus

In Use: 0, Available: 5

sv11a sv11b sv11c sv11d sv11e

steps-rm121 LTS public site, CAD lab

Room Calendar

In Use: 10, Available: 15

steps121b steps121f steps121g steps121i steps121k steps121m steps121o steps121s steps121t steps121x steps121a steps121c steps121d steps121e steps121h steps121j steps121l steps121n steps121p steps121q steps121r steps121u steps121v steps121w steps121y

whitaker-rm119 GAME CAD lab

In Use: 1, Available: 12

wh119c wh119a wh119b wh119d wh119e wh119f wh119g wh119h wh119i wh119j wh119k wh119l wh119m

whitaker-rm257 Materials, LTS public site, CAD lab

Room Calendar

In Use: 2, Available: 11

wh257f wh257l wh257b wh257a wh257d wh257c wh257e wh257m wh257j wh257k wh257h wh257i wh257g

wilbur-rm222 Wilbur CAD lab

In Use: 0, Available: 11

wilbur222a wilbur222b wilbur222c wilbur222d wilbur222e wilbur222f wilbur222g wilbur222h wilbur222i wilbur222k wilbur222l

no print queue: 24 inuse / 193 available