ISE 429 - Stochastic Models and Applications

ISE 429 is an introduction to stochastic processes modeling, analysis techniques and applications. Generalization of the Poisson process; renewal theory, queuing, and reliability; Brownian motion and stationary processes. This course is a version of IE 339 for graduate students, with research projects and advanced assignments.


ISE 220 or ISE 230. Closed to students who have taken IE 339. Waivers are available from the department upon discussion with the instructor.

Why is it interesting for Probabilistic Modelers?

The course covers some of the core concepts in applied probability, including stochastic processes and queuing theory. These concepts constitute some of the fundamental tools of stochastic operations research (OR) and are used in a wide variety of other fields, including electrical engineering, computer science, finance, economics, and mathematics


Typically offered in Fall semester.