Our Mission


With growing demand for electricity and increasing regulations on the use of fossil fuels, our energy future demands a greener portfolio of generation technologies. A large untapped source of renewable energy lies in the motion of water in our oceans and rivers. Estimates of economically recoverable wave energy resources along the U.S. continental shelf are large enough to cover one-fourth of the nation's electricity consumption. By further accounting for the recoverable energy available from our rivers, streams, and tides, the total marine hydro-kinetic (MHK) resources can cover over a third of our electricity needs, while ensuring one of the most environmentally benign forms of power generation.


Lehigh University's Power from Ocean, Rivers, and Tides (PORT) Lab is focused on delivering cutting-edge research to advance the design, operation, and integration of MHK generation systems which derive electricity from ocean waves, tides and currents and from the flow of water in rivers and streams. The PORT Lab brings together a strong interdisciplinary team of faculty and students whose interests span the technical expertise needed to enable and optimize large-scale integration of MHK energy into our electricity grid.

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