Research Stories and Articles




  • A useful state of suspension
    James Gilchrist focuses on a process—placing infinitesimally thin films of material onto substrates—that is deceptively simple but loaded with complexity and possibility.
  • Connecting fractures to impurities
    Richard P. Vinci and his group are testing the toughness of very small amounts of metal and ceramics and finding some surprising insights.
  • Flawless imperfections
    Volkmar Dierolf is leading the way in research that studies materials related to light sources.




  • Cost-effective gas separation
    Kai Landskron, assistant professor of chemistry, is primarily a synthetic materials chemist interested in porous materials at length scales from the nanometer to the millimeter level.
  • Creating fibers from tellurite glass
    New applications in the middle infrared (two to five microns) may become possible with the optical fibers being developed in the laboratory of Jean Toulouse.