CAMN Members in the News




  • From 3D printing to a Mars repair job
    You’re on a multiyear mission to Mars, operating a robotic explorer and collecting rock samples, when a key component breaks. You don’t have a full machine shop, and you are years from a spare part delivery. How can you get the explorer back in service?
  • Changing perspectives, shaping careers
    Katrina Kraft, CAMN's Administrative Manager, receives her master's degree in Globalization and Educational Change.
  • Small but mighty
    Two Lehigh physicists have made significant contributions to an international magazine’s special issue on nanocarbon materials.


  • Research team pursuing greener production of methanol
    Backed by a $2 million grant from the National Science Foundation, a Lehigh research team is working to create a promising new method of producing renewable fuel.
  • Probing the vast potential of glass
    As far back as the Stone Age, almost three million years ago, naturally occurring glass like obsidian was used to make sharp cutting tools.
  • Rethinking surface tension
    If you’ve ever watched a drop of water form into a bead or a water strider scoot across a pond, you are familiar with a property of liquids called surface tension.