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Industrial Programs

Lehigh University encourages and supports sponsored research activities in a variety of ways. The CAMN has a longstanding tradition of partnering with industry. Both the Industrial Liaison Program and the Lehigh Nanotech Network are excellent mechanisms to engage industry partners in our research.

Benefits include:

Use of cutting edge facilities and instrumentation
Access to university expertise Improved technologies and methods for your business
Training on advanced electron microscopes and other analytical equipment
Research partnership
Interaction with students
Student internships

The CAMN encourages student involvement whenever possible. A company may sponsor a student to pursue a research program at Lehigh. The student may work at a company site to gain insight and experience while providing direct support to the company.

For more information regarding industrial programs in the CAMN, please contact:

Gene Lucadamo
Industrial Liaison Officer
(610) 758-4855

Industrial Liaison Program

The Industrial Liaison Program (ILP) at Lehigh University has been an integral part of the Center for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology (CAMN) at Lehigh University for over 40 years by supporting industry, enhancing government funding opportunities, and providing learning opportunities to students. Through active relationships with many Lehigh departments and centers, the ILP facilitates interactions with industry to provide relevant, effective, and timely results.

The ILP has been a major attraction for both early stage and established companies in need of special expertise or unique instrumentation for materials research and analysis. The ILP provides companies with an alternative to purchasing costly instrumentation. It also provides links to faculty across the university and to related businesses that can help companies commercialize new ideas. Participating companies often interact with Lehigh graduate students and local area partners, hire scientists and technicians, and provide internship opportunities. Such interactions lead to collaborative projects, funding opportunities, and long term relationships that serve to retain companies in PA as they grow.

Collaborative research provides companies with additional intellectual resources and facilities to investigate a wide range of new processes, products, and technologies. Correspondingly, Lehigh can better align its research and education with industry needs through increased awareness of technological advances, challenges, and directions.

Member of the ILP have access to a wide range of Lehigh University capabilities and expertise:

Research and Development
Materials Characterization
Manufacturing/Production Solutions
Materials Testing and Analysis
Failure Analysis

In addition to extended research projects, the ILP can assist with solutions that are of near-term importance to businesses. Lehigh can provide unique expertise or instrumentation that is not accessible elsewhere. There are three mechanisms available to work with the ILP based on your individual needs, which are listed below. Please call Gene Lucadamo, Industry Liaison Officer, at 610-758-4855 to arrange an interaction.

Policy for Access of CAMN Facilities and Equipment
Equipment Rates (1 July 2015)
EM Facility Scheduling and Use Rules


ILP membership allows programs to be conducted for an extended or open-ended basis.  Equipment user rates are significantly discounted affording users with the increased opportunity to test new instruments and explore new techniques.  ILP members are entitled to certain benefits that are not available as follows:
CAMN equipment and facilities usage at reduced or preferred-user rates
Access to experienced faculty and qualified students, including opportunities to discuss ongoing CAMN research activities.
Periodic meetings, workshops, symposia, etc., which may include presentations of research results of CAMN or other topics as recommended by CAMN industry partners.  Members receive discounted registration fees when applicable.
Notification of university seminars related to materials and nanotechnology research.
Discount of 50% for one short course at the annual Lehigh Microscopy School for one employee.

Membership levels listed in the below table are based on maximum projected equipment utilization for the membership term, which is typically one year.  Membership fees are in addition to program activity costs.  An Industry Liaison Program Membership Agreement (25 March 2014) must be executed to initiate a membership.

Membership Level
Annual Membership Fee
Projected Equipment Use(including 12.5% admin fee*)up to
TOTAL for Membership Level

Over $50,000

*A 12.5% administrative fee will be charges on all program activity expenditures incurred for research and
testing activities associated with the CAMN ILP.  Membership levels are based on anticipated equipment use

Industry Liaison Program Membership Agreement (25 March 2014)


A Limited Collaboration Agreement (LCA) provides companies with access to Lehigh’s facilities for six months.  This agreement is most suitable for short-term research and testing interactions that are anticipated to incur program activity costs exceeding $3,000.  Equipment use rates are higher than those for an ILP membership and an overhead rate of 43% applies to all costs.  Instead of a membership fee, LCA interactions are charged a $500 non-refundable access fee.  The following agreement must be fully executed to initiate this type of ILP interaction.  You may want to discuss this option with our office to confirm that this arrangement is more advantageous than a full ILP membership.
Limited Collaboration Agreement (15 February 2013)


A simple Testing Services Agreement (TSA) is available for instances where a company requires only data from Lehigh instrumentation for a limited number of samples or a very limited time period.  There is no up-front fee charged for this agreement, but interaction does incur external rates and an overhead rate of 61% is applied to all costs.  This type of arrangement is most suitable for short-term testing that will incur program activity costs up to about $3,000 over six months or less.  This agreement is for use only when a Lehigh staff member or student will be using the instrumentation on behalf of the company.  Either the LCA or Membership agreement is required for companies interested in using the facilities directly.
Testing Services Agreement (12 May 2014)

Individuals from a university (other than Lehigh) or government laboratories that are interested in using Lehigh’s facilities must complete an Agreement for use of facilities/equipment at Lehigh University.
Agreement for Use of Facilities/Equipment at Lehigh University (5 June 2013)
For university and government laboratories that are interested in working with Lehigh with the assistance of our faculty, staff, or students, we require a Research and testing agreement only.  
Research and Testing Agreement (24 February 2011)

LNN (Lehigh Nanotech Network)

An industry / university / government partnership promoting the development of technology, future work force, and the regional economy in nanoscale science and engineering for applications in materials, biotechnology, electronics, and optics.

The Lehigh Nanotech Network maintains a strong, connected nanotechnology cluster in an opportunity-rich networking environment to:

  • Advance nanotechnology business, partnerships, and workforce development
  • Connect academic research with business drivers for commercialization
  • Promote visibility and alignment of the network with government initiatives and policies
  • Facilitate inclusion of socioeconomics, arts, and education in nanotechnology pursuits
  • Establish a nanotechnology identity for the membership
For a complete list of current members and news , please click here to go to the LNN website.

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