Industrial Liaison Program

The CAMN Industrial Liaison Program (ILP) provides access to cutting edge facilities and leading scientific personnel in support of research related to advanced materials and nanotechnology. The ILP offers a mechanism and resources to establish connections between University personnel and external partners in order to foster collaborative opportunities, develop and commercialize technologies, solve problems, and exchange ideas. The ILP also supports student learning by creating opportunities for direct involvement in projects, participation in internships, and pursuit of long-term employment.

Participants in the ILP have access to a wide range of Lehigh University capabilities and expertise for:

  • Material synthesis and processing
  • Materials Characterization
  • Materials Testing and Analysis
  • Failure Analysis
  • Manufacturing/Production Solutions

Benefits of ILP participation include:

  • Use of unique facilities, instrumentation, and techniques
  • Access to university expertise and specialized research methods
  • Training on advanced equipment including world-class electron microscopes
  • Interaction with high quality students and post-doctoral researchers

Modes of Facility Access

The ILP offers Agreements through which industry, government, and academic personnel may make use of Lehigh University facilities for material synthesis, testing, or analysis work that matches the core mission of the CAMN. The work may be performed in University facilities by the ILP Participant, or University personnel may perform work on behalf of the Participant. When appropriate, training in the use of laboratory equipment will be provided by University personnel. University research facilities and equipment are non-profit, tax-exempt resources and are therefore not available for mercantile purposes by direct use or by rental.

Intellectual Property

Under ILP Agreements, the University’s role is limited to training, operational assistance, testing, analysis, and/or production of material according to the specifications of the Participant. Therefore, the University has no interest in ownership of intellectual property (IP) that may emerge directly from the Project activities or deliverables produced. Research data will be owned by the Participant. In addition, the University does not require publication rights related to the Project activities or deliverables produced. If generation of IP or publishable data by the University is anticipated, ILP agreements must not be used; instead, the project must be conducted through the University’s Office of Research and Sponsored Programs under a separately negotiated agreement.

ILP Membership

ILP Participants may gain access to University facilities and personnel either by partnering with CAMN through an ILP Membership Agreement or by use of a Non-Member Agreement. Annual Membership fees are used to support the broad research and educational goals of CAMN. Full Membership provides the lowest usage and labor rates. Partial Membership provides most of the benefits of Full Membership with a smaller annual membership fee.

ILP Members shall receive the following benefits:

  • Access to faculty, staff, and qualified students, including opportunities to discuss Project approaches and results, as well as ongoing and future CAMN research.
  • Access to contacts or collaboration with resources and other Research Centers at Lehigh University.
  • Use of CAMN equipment and facilities at reduced rates.
  • Invitations to periodic meetings, workshops, seminars, and similar functions.
  • Sustaining Membership in the Lehigh Emerging Technologies Network (LETN).
  • In addition, Full Members receive a discount of fifty percent (50%) for the University’s annual microscopy short course for one week per year for one employee of the Member entity.

Contact Us

For more information regarding CAMN's industrial programs, please contact:

Gene Lucadamo

Industrial Liaison Officer