Main Research Areas

Materials research at Lehigh University spans a wide range of bulk, micro-, and nano-scale materials and related processes. Selected areas of emphasis include:

  • Materials for additive manufacturing
  • Metals processing for the energy, transportation, and medical industries
  • Glass synthesis and processing for biomedical and optical computing applications
  • Particle synthesis and processing for catalysis, optoelectronic, and energy applications
  • Nanoscale characterization of surfaces and interfaces
  • Fabrication of soft materials for medical diagnostic and therapeutic devices
  • Fracture mechanics of reinforced polymers for microelectronics and structural products
  • Mechanical behavior of micro- and nano-scale devices and structures
  • Fabrication of polymer composite aeronautical and naval vessels
  • Synthesis of membranes for fuel cells
  • Synthesis and characterization of optically active materials for lighting and sensing applications
  • Computer simulation and modeling of microstructure development