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Minor in Materials (for Students in Other Disciplines)

Materials Science and Engineering is an exciting field that can serve as an excellent complement to a major in another subject. A Minor in Materials Science and Engineering provides a solid foundation in the field. For engineers in other majors it will provide an education in materials properties and processing, leading to the basics of materials selection and failure analysis. For students outside engineering it can provide a background in an area of great importance to the overall development of technology.

Students in any field may take the minor in Materials Science and Engineering. It should be especially easy for students of Chemical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering.

Requirements for a Minor in Materials Science and Engineering

To obtain the Minor in Materials Science and Engineering a student must complete at least 15 credit hours of materials science and engineering as follows:

Required Course
Mat 33 Engineering Materials and processes (3)

The remaining courses to complete the minor may be any 200-level or 300-level courses offered by the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, with the exception of the following excluded courses: MAT 268, MAT 327, MAT 329, MAT 340, and MAT 341.