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Student Materials Society

Student Materials Society

The Student Materials Society is the Lehigh University student chapter of two professional societies: ASM International and TMS. As a member of both TMS and ASM International, members can enhance their educational experience through monthly meetings, materials science journals, and networking. The monthly meetings and events, which our local ASM Chapter holds, offer an opportunity for students to meet area businessmen as they watch presentations on various topics. Some recent topics include "Stealth Technology" and a tour of IQE, a local company that makes materials for the optoelectronics industry. Also included with membership are subscriptions to two technical journals: JOM and Advanced Materials and Processes. These publications provide information about the latest breakthroughs in Materials Science.

Besides participating in the ASM/TMS monthly meetings, the Student Materials Society is involved in a number of events within the MSE department. They include guest speakers, plant tours, and social events. The biannual picnics are the first of many occasions when students have the opportunity to socialize with faculty. This relatively friendly affair then gives way to the annual Holiday Banquet. For over 60 years, students and faculty alike have taken the pleasure of roasting each other in front of the whole department. After dinner, faculty, grad students, and undergrads take turns performing skits about each other in which nothing is sacred.

At the annual Spring Picnic SMS gives the Gilbert E. Doan Award to a member of the faculty who has “best served them as a mentor, in the civic, moral, and spiritual dimensions of their education.”